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  • LED wireless charging mouse pad
  • Wireless pen holder
  • Wireless charging calendar


  • gaming mouse pad

    gaming mouse pad

    This is Creative Products, Newest Products, Novedades 2021,New Product Ideas, The leather products is Home Office Product, It is an RGB LED gaming mouse pad or gaming mouse mat, , it is very rich in color, this is simply a game light show. In addition, this mouse pad uses a resin fiber double-sided design, which means that since you can use it on a soft surface, you can also use it on a smooth and hard surface, which meets the needs of all players. When using different material surfaces, the...
  • Heating socks

    Heating socks

    They are innovative electronics products,A pair of hot socks, in the cold winter, The warmth of the feet can promote blood circulation throughout the body. The heat of the feet can circulate to other parts of the body through the blood, which can prevent frostbite of the feet, hands and other parts.if you give such creative socks to your friends or customers, will your friends or customers be happy? This pair of socks is made of double-layer cotton material, environmental protection, stockin...
  • Graphene heating scarf

    Graphene heating scarf

    This is a heating scarf. Its Heating accessories is graphene sheets made by sheerfond. The graphene sheets are built into the scarf. The buttons are connected with the graphene sheets. The buttons are sealed with silica gel. The heating function can be turned on and off by the buttons, and the heating temperature can also be adjusted. It has a small pocket, put the power bank in it, can power the graphene sheet. In cold weather, it can provide us with heat, a great innovative product, very pr...
  • Graphene heating eye mask

    Graphene heating eye mask

    This is a graphene heating eye mask. This product is mainly to relieve eye fatigue and promote blood circulation. The heating uses graphene materials. When the graphene materials are heated, they can release far-infrared waves, which can promote human blood. Circulation, relieve eye fatigue. This product uses graphene coating heaters, which are the core heating accessories, produced by our company, and our company has a new graphene material research and development team that has changed busi...
  • Wireless charging bracket

    Wireless charging bracket

    This is a leather product,mobile stand and mobile holder,with wireless charging charger,you can custom design,logo or packaging. There are two ways to place the phone, horizontal screen or vertical screen. In either way, the mobile phone holder can ensure that the phone can be charged when the phone is in horizontal or vertical screen. While charging, you can watch videos on the phone on; It is foldable, it is only 8mm thick after being folded, and it can be put in a pocket. It is also a ...
  • A4 handbag

    A4 handbag

    With the busy business activities and the development of electronic products, we need to bring a lot of things when we go out to participate in meetings and other activities, such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, cards, power banks, charging cables, etc., a lot of things are piled in the bag, which is very messy Yes, we have developed a product that can organize your products neatly and bring you a beautiful experience A business storage bag, bring it in your business activities, it can ...
  • Magnetic mouse pad-gray

    Magnetic mouse pad-gray

    On your tidy desktop, a beautiful mouse pad, at the same time it is a pen holder and a mobile phone holder, is there any magic feeling? Yes, its storage part and mouse pad part can be separated at will, and it can also be used Organize your paper and bills. Forgot to tell you the more important function, it is a mobile phone wireless charger, as long as you put the phone on it can be charged at any time, then let me introduce this new thing in detail: 1. It is a leather mouse pad, this produc...
  • Rose gold

    Rose gold

    This product is a patent product, with storage function and wireless charging function of multi-functional mouse pad, storage assembly and mouse pad through the combination of magnets, can be opened or combined, make your desk more clean, especially suitable for conference gifts, Christmas gifts, business gifts. Main functions: 1. Storage function: it can store mobile phone, pen, phone card, Bluetooth headset, phone card pin and other electronic and office supplies 2. Wireless charging, which...
  • Storage artifact

    Storage artifact

    This product is small in size, multi-functional, containing electronic accessories, with mobile phone bracket and wireless charging, flashlight and other functions, suitable for commercial promotional activities or Christmas gifts Main functions: 1.Wireless charging10W/7.5W/5W 2. Storage function, including all the charging wires in the market 3. Mobile phone holder 4. Lighting function Model No. SN001 LED Colour White Input 9V1.5A/5V2A Accessories IPone Cable,TYPE-C Cable,micro ca...
  • Wireless pen holder

    Wireless pen holder

    Sitting in a tidy office, on your desk, there is an exquisite pen holder, which can store your office supplies, charge your mobile phone, and can be used as a stand for your mobile phone. It will also shine, making you want The content to be expressed shines in the office, and will change in different colors, so that friends around you will wait to pay attention to it, which is more enviable, does it make your work more happier, and enjoy the fun of life while working. Hurry up and recommend ...
  • 3in1 wireless charging mouse pad

    3in1 wireless charging mouse pad

    Model No. SD003 Output 10W/7.5W/5W Input 9V/21.5A/5V 2A Mobile phone holder yes Wireless charging for  mobile phones, earphones, smart watches, Printing Techniques for Graphics G Letterpress printing, UV printing   Usage Scenarios Promotional Activities, Training and Team Building, Welcome Gifts, Back to School / Graduation, New Business Giveaways, Tradeshow Giveaways, “Thank You” Gifts, Other Activities   Material PU Brand Sheerfond Logo Printing:...
  • A5 wireless charging mobile power notepad

    A5 wireless charging mobile power notepad

    Model No. A5-1 Output 5V2A Input 5V 2A capacity 4000mAh/5000mAh/6000mAh/8000mAh/10000mAh Paper Size        A5 Wireless charging Gr5W Usage Scenarios Pr New Business Giveaways, Birthday gifts, father’s day, mother’s day, Thanksgiving gifts   Material PU,ABS Brand Sheerfond Logo Printing:  Customized Logo   Design Customized Printing Designs Colour Custom Product Size       228mm*170mm*30mm product weight          450g Package Size     ...
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